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Cramp Pads: Relieving Period Pain.

Cramp pads will alleviate period cramps naturally.
When you are craving relief and comfort, cramp pads will be the right remedy!

Cramp pads.

Cramp pads will alleviate period cramps naturally.

We got it. Sometimes indeed having “those days” means having “bad days”. Pulling pain and discomfort, bloated lower abdomen…Weakness all day long. This is when the most desired thing would be to curl up in the bed – and do nothing. Just craving relief and comfort.

Cramp pads could be the right remedy when you feel like that.

Period pain pads for drugless relief.

Period pain pads are essentially a form of heat therapy. They promote consistent circulation that relaxes the uterus.

In short, the uterus is a big muscle. It behaves exactly as any other muscle in our bodies. So the pain occurs when it starts contracting. Typically, it happens just before or during your period.

Placing a cramps pad on the lower abdomen relaxes the uterus, releases cramps, and alleviates period pain. Feeling that it’s not enough? For added relief, you can also apply a heating pad to the lower back.

Use of cramp pads.

Cramp pads and heat applications are literally known for ages. It’s one of the ancient cures for pain relief that remain popular till now. A natural and effective remedy, it’s easily available upon first need.

Due to their popularity, cramp pads are widely available in stores and pharmacies. There are different types of heating pads on the market. Whether you like microwaveable, electric, cordless, or portable – there is a variety of choices to pick from.

Cramp pads are easy to extremely use. The only what you need is just to heat your pad following the manufacturer’s instructions. Then apply it to the desired area – and relax while heat does its job.

A scented heating pad can be a good choice if you prefer an aromatherapy effect. Or… have you got a bottle of favourite essential oil? You can apply diluted oil to the skin to enhance the heat effect.

The best practice is to use a cramp pad for about 15-20 mins. Then just take a break and evaluate your pain level. You are free to resume the use of pad if necessary.

…Oops! Does a calendar show the day X again? No worries. Cramps pads are always waiting to comfort and warm you up, delivering the desired relief!

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